Ben Pennings

Parent and small business owner currently being sued by Adani. Proud member of the Services Union and Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance.

I’ve spent the last four years in the Supreme Court fighting international conglomerate Adani, owned by the fourth richest person in the world. They have hit me with a MASSIVE SLAPP LAWSUIT that could send me bankrupt, force my family to sell our suburban home. Please support this legal fight that threatens the political freedom of all Australians. Together we will win.


II grew up in proud working class suburbs of Adelaide and Sydney, now living a more comfortable life with my family in Brisbane. I’ve been very privileged to spend the last 30+ years serving others  through community work, grassroots activism, political campaigning and our family-owned Psychology practice. 

 Through hard work, strategic campaigning and the occasional News Limited hit job, I’ve become a renowned environmental advocate. But becoming the most prominent grassroots environmental campaigner in Queensland has certainly brought pitfalls.

Adani Vs Pennings

These death threats have thankfully finished but Adani has been aggressively pursuing me in the Supreme Court since June 2020. They hired private investigators to follow my wife to work and children to school before failing twice in secret hearings to raid my family home.

The case Adani is pursuing against me is the biggest of its kind for decades. It literally threatens the political freedom of all Australians. Gautam Adani is the fourth richest person on earth. Despite being ‘worth’ $100+ billion, he wants to take my family’s home as a threat to peaceful protesters.

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