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Adani is after the suburban family home of Aussie dad Ben Pennings, suing him for $17m in the Supreme Court for peaceful protest action. They even followed his wife and kids around. Support #DadvsAdani to protect the freedom of all Australians – https://tinyurl.com/55twb3u7



,Adani has been aggressively pursuing me in the Supreme Court since June 2020. They hired private investigators to follow my wife to work and children to school before failing twice in secret hearings to raid my family home. 

Adani then obtained a temporary injunction against me in September 2020.  Due to the case I stood down from my role as national spokesperson of Galilee Blockade.  Adani claims I cost them $600m and are currently suing me for $17m. They have claimed the actions of myself and Galilee Blockade: 

  • Caused them to downgrade Carmichael mine in late 2017 from 30 millions tonnes per year to 10 million tonnes per year. The consequence of the downscaling resulted in an increase to the capital cost per tonne of coal of at least 15%. 
  • Caused their insurance premiums to raise 400% and their security costs to raise 500%
  • Caused all contracts since early 2019 to be ‘costs plus’ contracts rather than ‘design and construct’ contracts, incurring additional costs due to increased risk and contractor numbers, decreased efficiency and additional costs incurred by protester actions. 
  • Caused all tier one contractors to abandon working for the mine, with reduced competition amongst less experienced tier two and three contractors resulting in contractual costs raising by at least 15%

Adani claims my campaigning resulted in a ‘breach of confidence’ relating to their confidential information, ‘inducing breach of contract’ and ‘intimidation’ relating to Adani’s contractors, and a ‘conspiracy’ to injure Adani’s coal operations in Australia. I have been asking Adani for a detailed explanation of the basis of these claims since November 2020.

In September 2023, after THREE YEARS IN COURT, Adani completely abandoned the key allegation that I received their ‘confidential information’. In a recent three-day hearing, the Supreme Court heard arguements from my legal team that parts of the case against me should be ‘struck out’ or the whole case declared an ‘abuse of process’. I’m currently waiting on the judgement from that hearing. 

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