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Creating Homes – Lives Changing 

In 2011 and 2012 I undertook extended interviews with extraordinary people who have experienced significant marginalisation in the housing sector and wider community. Their stories demonstrate the power of Supportive Housing, a model that connects up permanent housing and support in an intentional way and breaks the cycle of homelessness.

The photography of Katie Bennett and design by Robyn McDonald resulted in this absolutely beautiful book of powerful stories that I’ll always be proud of. Please take the time to honour these stories but be warned there is material some people will find challenging.


I’m often initiating stories or being reported on in the mainstream media, including the occasional News Limited hit job. But I also write longer-form pieces, mostly for others. Here’s a couple of opinion pieces in my own name that remain current. The first is on why The Greens should embrace the ‘Watermelon’ tag, the second exploring how the media reports gender after gun massacres

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